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Since the blacksmith, people have been working metal to their needs

Since the beginning of time, man has strived to make the most of "his ride". Starting with the ancient trade of blacksmithing, repairs to our wagons and chariots took precedence over all else. After all, what self respecting conqueror would be seen in a chariot full of dents!

Even today, the calm and peace of homes and families across the nation is broken by the screams of the disgusted owner finding another dent or ding in their "favorite chariot"....

Unforseen damage to vehicles have broken many a heart!
Now, dazzling new techniques repair minor damages without painting


Now, for the joy and wonderment of owners like you...


Now there are technical advancements in the collision repair business that can actually allow for the repair of minor dings and dents... and in most cases without any REFINISH needed! A way to make cosmetic repairs to minor dents and dings, without major metal and paint work... or extended down times.

It is called PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair... the removal of minor dings, dents, etc., that have resulted from everything from shopping carts to hail storms. Parking lot damage from car doors simply seem to disappear with little down time on your part.

Yes, that's right. Our trained and experienced professionals can remove most unsightly blemishes that in the past took HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS to repair... and do it for only a fraction of the cost of typical body shop repairs, usually in just an hour or two. Time and time again, we have taken a standard $400 to $500 repair taking 3+ days, and done the work for 50% and less... and in less than a day!

Been in a hail storm? The only shopping cart in the lot managed to find your car? Or, maybe the kids softball bounced off the hood or door? No problem! Before you can scream "there goes another deductible", the Dent Fixer can bring peace and tranquility back into your life.

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